About Us

Meadsie Van Zyl – General Manager

Meadsie is a qualified Social Worker by profession and obtained her BDIAC Degree in Social Work through the Huguenot College (University of South Africa).

Meadsie started her career working with young children in various institutions. In 2001 she was asked to Coordinate a Pilot Project by the Cape Department of Social Development (Family Preservation Project), looking at strengthening the family unit and in particular, providing support to young children in the families. The Project was also later implemented in partnership with external Social Welfare organisations.

Meadsie obtained further qualifications in the form of an employee assistance programme ( EAP) Diploma at the University of Pretoria in 2008 (Distinction) and worked in this specialised field for many years. During this period Meadsie also did various further psychosocial training on the prevention alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence etc.

In 2011 she did further training as a Mental Health Practitioner and start working with high risk patients nationally.

For the past three years Meadsie has further specialised and obtained wide-ranging experience in the psychological screening, counselling and support of egg donors, in particular international egg donors.

As a specialised mental health practitioner focused on egg donation, Meadsie is the perfect person to manage an international egg donor program. The donor’s safety and well-being is always her first priority.

Meadsie’s high standard of care and unparalleled dedication combined with her professional expertise ensure that FertilityMate donors are looked after in the best possible way. Always available, always ‘on the job’, Meadsie is always there for her donors. Firm, fair and with unwaveringly high standards, Meadsie is a true asset to FertilityMate.

Meadsie’s objective is to have a safe, professionally managed international egg donor program that always puts the best interests of the egg donors, intended parents and their future children first.

Meadsie lives in Cape Town with her husband and her young son.

You can contact Meadsie on meadsie@fertilitymate.com